Here are the general principles for the provision of CPD points/hours for RSPH activities:

1. Professional organisations have a wide range of CPD criteria which they recognise for their members. For example, there may be CPD criteria for the subject matter of the course or event their members attend, or criteria for the type of activity which the professional organisation recognises for CPD purposes.

For these reasons, it is the responsibility of the RSPH CPD recipient to familiarise themselves with the CPD requirements of their own professional body (if applicable) and only to include relevant RSPH CPD allocations which are valid for their own CPD records to retain membership or chartership of their professional body.

2. One RSPH CPD point is apportioned for each hour of CPD from attendance at relevant events, participation in training programmes, study using e-learning, participation in webinars or reading and reflection of identified journal articles.

3. Time allocation valid for CPD will be nearest whole number of hours from the start to end of an event, webinar or training programme, not counting refreshment breaks. For e-learning and comprehension of journal articles, CPD is allocated on the basis of the expected study time for the individual. For speakers and authors, CPD hours are allocated to take account of research and preparation of articles and presentation materials.

4. The CPD recipient must demonstrate attendance at events and training programmes through completion of attendance registers. For webinars the CPD recipient must be registered for the webinar and show comprehension of the webinar content. For e-learning, the CPD recipient must be registered for the course and there must have been confirmation that they have completed all the mandatory elements of the course. For CPD allocated for comprehension of journal articles, the CPD recipient must be able to demonstrate their comprehension of the article content.

5. RSPH will keep internal records of the events and activities for which it provides participants with CPD points/hours for at least 2 years after the activity is completed.

6. RSPH will provide CPD recipients with a record of their CPD achievement in either a paper or electronic format. This record should include:

  • The name of the CPD recipient
  • The name of the event, training course, journal name and article, e-learning programme or webinar as appropriate.
  • The date of the event, course or activity
  • The number of RSPH CPD hours granted to the recipient

This information can be included in documents issued for other purposes (e.g. course completion certificates).

7. RSPH will keep a record of those who have been issued with RSPH CPD points/hours for at least 2 years. RSPH is not obliged to re-issue the CPD records to recipients, for example if a record has been lost, but may choose to do so. RSPH will only re-issue CPD records to the recipient and not to other third party enquirers (e.g. employers or other organisations).