Understanding and responding to gambling harms: A brief guide for professionals

This free online learning course has been developed in collaboration GambleAware. Our online course will provide useful guidance for people who want to provide brief interventions to address risks and harms related to gambling disorders.

The course also contains an optional topic for organisational leaders wishing to set up and implement the processes necessary to support their employees to provide intervention in the workplace.

The course covers:

  • Introduction to gambling disorders
  • What is a brief intervention?
  • How to provide a brief intervention
  • Important considerations and responding to affected others
  • Getting your organisation ready (optional)

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Learn about 'brief interventions'

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Learn about gambling disorders and how they affect people's health

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Find out how to signpost people to support resources


Aims of this course

This free online course aims to help people to understand and identify risks and harms related to gambling disorders, and equip them to provide brief interventions to help address these harms. Additionally, it is a resource to assist organisational leaders in planning for the integration of brief intervention for gambling harms into their services.

Is this course for you?

The programme is aimed at professionals who do not specialise in the treatment of gambling disorder and may be most suitable to those working in social and criminal justice settings. Examples of these roles include social workers, employment advisers, GPs, psychologists, probation officers. 

Access the course

This online course is available for free.


Click to start the course below, or you can access a full-screen version of the course here. If you have any questions about this course, please contact the GambleAware team at [email protected].

Course contents


The course is split into five key sections - with interactive elements to maintain your attention and make learning easier. At the end of each section, you'll find a Revision Quiz to help boost your learning.

Topic 1: Introduction to Gambling Disorder

  • What gambling is
  • Gambling statistics
  • What Gambling Disorder is and the impact it can have
  • The possible signs of Gambling Disorder to look out for

Topic 2: What is a brief intervention?

  • Definitions of brief intervention
  • Information about brief interventions 
  • Why we should offer brief interventions
  • Research into the effectiveness of brief interventions

Topic 3: How to Provide a Brief Intervention

  • Screening as a basis for intervention
  • Preparing for brief intervention
  • The knowledge base supporting brief intervention
  • Training 
  • Elements of a brief intervention

Topic 4:  Important Considerations and Responding to Affected Others

  • Cultural considerations and brief intervention 
  • Overcoming potential barriers 
  • Resources for family and affected others 

Topic 5: Getting your Organisation Ready (optional)

  • Project initiation
  • Consulting within the organisation
  • Project planning
  • Implementation
  • Ongoing improvement