In a new video two expert speakers from a recent RSPH conference consider key issues in relation to improving food safety for those with food allergies.

Dr Hazel Gowland from Allergy Action discusses some of the challenges of catering for people with allergies. This includes considering the responsibilities of both the food businesses and the people with allergies themselves. Hazel gives some examples of the language that people may use when asking about food ingredients, which may not be precise enough to keep them safe from food allergens. A key issue is developing a culture within the food business to cater safely for those with food allergies. 

Kathryn Gilbertson, a partner from Greenwoods GRN, looks at the options that local authorities have in the prosecution of food allergy cases. There is currently a very diverse approach to charging decisions in relation to these prosecutions and options to help improve this situation are suggested.

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