Listen to all episodes of RSPH's podcast series, RSPH In Conversation With

The podcast examines public health issues through a discussion between RSPH and an expert guest. The series is intended for public health professionals, the healthcare workforce, and those with an interest in the health challenges facing society.

It is available to listen to here, or by clicking the links below:

Here our Director of Regional and National Programmes speaks to a number of people involved with community champion approaches about the value that they bring to the communities they serve.

In this episode Laura Furness spoke with Colin Espie, Clinical Director of the Experimental & Clinical Sleep Medicine Programme at the University of Oxford, about why we should prioritise our sleep. 

Here we discuss men's health with Peter Baker, Director of Global Action on Men’s Health

In this episode, former RSPH Chief Executive, Christina Marriott speaks to the Chief Executive of the Health Foundation, Dr Jennifer Dixon. Christina and Jennifer discuss the abolition of Public Health England, the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on healthcare and health systems, and the future of public health.

Former RSPH Chief Executive, Shirley Cramer CBE, speaks with Stuart King, CEO of BeeZee Bodies. Stuart and Shirley discuss behaviour change in the context of his work. BeeZee Bodies is comprised of a team of nutritionists and behaviour change experts, who run weight management and healthy lifestyles programmes for adults and families in Brighton & Hove, Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire.

The podcast first mini-series focuses on obesity and features our former Chief Executive, Shirley Cramer CBE, and NHS commentator, writer and broadcaster Roy Lilley.