What is it?

The Level 5 Certificate in Adjudication in the Construction Industry is a qualification that covers the application of English law to adjudication (Unit 1), the law of adjudication (Unit 2) and practice and procedure in adjudication (Unit 3).

The qualification is based on the National Occupational Standards developed by the Construction Industry Council.

Who is it for?

Holders of this qualification will have demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the nature of law and its place in society, an understanding of the law of contract, tort and evidence and how they are applied to the practice of adjudication, as well as an understanding of the application of the law of adjudication and the process of commencing, planning and running an adjudication.

The qualification is suitable for persons of at least ‘A’ level standard or equivalent, or those with practical experience in dispute resolution procedures, who have an understanding of the general principles of construction adjudication and who represent, or intend to represent, parties in adjudication or who wish to progress to practice as an adjudicator.

How do I apply?

For learners: see below for your nearest centre. Centres are listed alphabetically - to find the centre nearest to you, please use the location finder.

For current centres: if you are interested in delivering this qualification, please visit the Centre Area and register your interest. 

How do I become an RSPH-approved centre?
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