Guest Blog: Testing times in the UK fight against Covid-19

Jonny Pearson-Stuttard, RSPH Trustee and Public Health Doctor at Imperial College London, sets out what steps have been taken by the UK Government to test people for Covid-19 and why testing is so important in tackling the spread of the virus

Guest Blog: Project Smith and the Local Covid-19 Response

Emma Corker splits her time between Freelancing as a Consultant and Trainer at RBE Associates and working as an Honorary Group Psychotherapist in the NHS. Here, she outlines the approaches a community health programme has taken to support local …

Community spirit protects health and saves lives

Nelly Araujo, Development Manager at RSPH, introduces our Community Spirit programme and explains how community organisations have made a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of their area during the Covid-19 crisis.

Guest Blog: Feeding Britain Better

James Toop is CEO of Bite Back 2030 explains the opportunity we have to feed Britain better and end the inequalities in diet and health exposed by Covid 19.



Our video series, Coronavirus: The Lowdown, has advice from RSPH partners, Trustees and staff on a range of health and wellbeing areas including healthy eating, mental health and hygiene. You can see all of our videos on the RSPH YouTube Channel.

Effective Hand Washing

Dr Lisa Ackerley, RSPH Trustee, shares her steps for effective hand washing.


Getting Better Sleep

James Wilson AKA The Sleep Geek, gives practical tips for sleeping better during the coronavirus outbreak.


Community Spirit

Chris Elmore, Welsh Labour MP for Ogmore and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Media, talks about the importance of Community Spirit.


Looking after your Mental Health

RSPH Mental Health First Aiders share their tips for looking after your physical and mental health.



Commonsense Hygiene Tips

RSPH Trustee and hygiene expert, Lisa Ackerley, shares her hygiene tips for keeping ourselves and others safe.


Tips for Healthy Eating

Carolyn Pallister, a registered dietitian and public health manager at Slimming World, shares her tips for healthy eating during the coronavirus lockdown.



Tips for Exercise

Jo Curran, a pilates specialist at Future Fit Training, shares her tips on exercises you can do to stay fit, whilst following the public health guidelines.


Tips for Creativity During Lockdown

RSPH Arts & Health Special Interest Group Committee member Dr Ranjita Dhital, University of Reading, explains the benefits of getting creative at home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Visit the Culture, Health & Wellbeing Alliance to access a host of creative resources.