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What is the MECC for mental health project?

RSPH and Health Education England (HEE) North have developed a project across the North of England, to up-skill healthcare professionals to become mental health promotion Lead Trainers and Trainers for a Making Every Contact Count (MECC) for Mental Health training programme.

Embedding the MECC approach and promoting mental health are current national strategic priorities for the health system, and the effects of COVID-19 on population health have made this even more urgent. This work is well placed to support organisations interested in tackling this challenge through evidence-based mental health training that develops knowledge, skills and confidence to integrate relevant messages and interventions into routine practice.

Making Every Contact Count for Mental Health across the North Project

The report offers an overview of how Royal Society for Public Health, in partnership with Health Education England North-West and North-East & Yorkshire, designed and delivered the MECC for Mental Health training programme to frontline health and care professionals. The independent evaluation of the training, also included in the report, demonstrates both the interest in the training offer and promising results in terms of increasing confidence to have conversations about mental health, and changing professional practice to include them daily.

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Making Every Contact Count for Mental Health across the North Project


From March 2019 to June 2023, RSPH and Health Education England North are delivering a project across the North of England, to up-skill the frontline non-specialist workforce in primary and community care settings, to become more health promoting using a Making Every Contact Count approach whereby they are able to integrate purposeful mental health conversations into routine practice.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need and demand for mental health support among population have increased considerably.  Estimates say that 20% of adults and 15% of children need mental health support now and in the coming years (Centre for Mental Health, 2020). The MECC approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing is an effective, evidence-based and proactive way of addressing this need

Who is this project aimed at?

The project is aimed at frontline non-specialist staff working in primary and community care settings includes, but not limited to, those working in:

  • Social prescribing 
  • GP surgeries 
  • Primary care services based at hospitals such as GUM clinics 
  • Community Pharmacy 
  • Health and social care 
  • District nursing 
  • Falls services 
  • Health visiting 
  • School nursing 
  • Emergency services such as ambulance and fire services etc. 
  • Allied Health Professionals 
  • Frontline workers based in the VCSC sector delivering NHS commissioned primary and community care services.

Programme Achievements

Embedding the MECC approach and promoting mental health and wellbeing are current national priorities for the health system. To support this, to date the project has developed and delivered a fully tested training programme to over 1000 delegates including 12 Lead Trainers and 100 Trainers.

Programme Developments

Based on need and demand, the project has delivered two additional developments:

  • An adaptation of the core training programme to Cancer Settings |
    In collaboration with Greater Manchester Cancer Alliance and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, the MECC for mental health training was contextualised to be used in Cancer Settings with the aim of normalising mental health and mental illness support for cancer patients.
  • A module supporting conversations about menopause and mental health 
    MECC for Menopause is an additional module that can be delivered as part of the core programme or as a stand-alone training module. It aims to promote conversations about menopause and to promote appropriate support within primary and community care services, the workplace and beyond. 

For more information about this work please contact Nelly Araujo on [email protected]



Case studies

Our MECC for mental health journey

For our first Make Every Contact Count (MECC) for mental health blog, Karan Thomas and Dawn Mitchell, the lead trainer developers for the MECC for Mental Health programme, explain how they've supported the work of RSPH's pilot programme.