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What are the Hygeia Awards?

For a number of years RSPH has given awards to learners who have achieved the highest score that year for their qualification. This year these awards have been expanded to include centres, tutors and learners taking qualifications that are not assessed by an examination.

All RSPH qualifications are based on public health, either improving the public’s health or protecting the public’s health. For this reason, the awards were also collectively renamed this year as the Hygeia Awards.

Hygeia is the Greek goddess of health and well-being, and her image used to feature on the coat of arms of our predecessor organisations, the Royal Society for the Promotion of Health and the Royal Institute of Public Health.

What are the judging criteria and what are they based on?

The judging criteria for a number of our Awards are quite simple: the Awards are made to the learner who has achieved the highest mark in the examination for the qualification. This is the case for the awards in Food Safety, HACCP, Pest Management and the Heggie Award (for Anatomical Pathology Technology candidates). 

For the first time this year, there are Awards for Health Improvement and Young Health Champions. These are based on our health improvement qualifications (Understanding Health Improvement, Supporting Behaviour Change and Improving the Public’s Health) and the RSPH Level 2 Award for Young Health Champions.

To qualify for these Awards the learner must have obtained one of the stated qualifications and also have been nominated for the Award by their tutor or employer. In nominating a learner for either of these Awards the tutor or employer should be able to explain why they think the individual deserves the award, using the criteria listed on the Award pages.

The Centre of Excellence Award winner will be chosen from centres nominated by RSPH staff. This will also be awarded for the first time this year. The Excellence in Learner Support Award will be presented to the tutor who makes a positive difference to their learners. Evidence for this will come from nominations from learners or from the centre at which the tutor works. The criteria are set-out on the Award page.

What are the benefits of winning?

Winning a Hygeia Award is recognition of outstanding achievement. Past winners have been able to include their award in their CV and LinkedIn profiles to increase their employment prospects. Recognition from their peers in the workplace has also been invaluable.

Who can nominate?

Nominations can be made for the Centre of Excellence AwardExcellence in Learner Support Award, Health Improvement Award and Young Health Champions Award. For the first award, nominations may be made by both a tutor’s employer and their learners, while nominations for the latter two awards are welcome from tutors, centres and employers.

How do I nominate?

To nominate an individual or centre for an award, please visit the relevant webpage where you will find the nomination criteria and details on how to nominate. Please provide as much information and supporting evidence as possible in support of your nominated learner or tutor.

Are there any fees to pay?

There are no fees to nominate an individual or centre to win an award. 

When is the deadline for nominations?

The deadline for all nominations is Friday 19 July 2019.

How do the Hygeia Awards fit with the Health & Wellbeing Awards?

The Hygeia Awards is a recognition scheme that complements but is separate to the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

The Hygeia Awards recognise centres, tutors and high-performing learners taking RSPH qualifications, while the Health & Wellbeing Awards recognise and celebrate a wide range of activities, policies and strategies that empower communities and individuals, improve the population’s health and address the wider social determinants of health.

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