Qualifications and Training

As a vital part of its remit, the RSPH provides vocationally related qualifications that are directly relevant to the workplace and national health priorities. Around 100,000 students qualify through RSPH every year, through a network of UK wide registered training centres.

Recognised and regulated to award accredited qualifications by Ofqual, the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator, the RSPH is widely acknowledged for its high level of quality assurance, stability, experience and expertise.

  1. Qualifications


    Explore our wide range of qualifications, including how to become an RSPH registered Centre

  2. Training Solutions

    Training Solutions

    Find out about our wide range of courses and seminars including JSNA, men's health and Understanding Health Improvement

  3. Bookshop


    The products in our bookshop are developed in support of our qualifications. RSPH Members and Centres receive a 10% discount on all purchases